Skills in Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord is a character progression system that determines the character's overall effectiveness in and out of battle. Although players are given the chance to choose their starting class, they can further upgrade and unlock their character's full potential of learning new active & passive skills and eventually increasing its potency. This page covers a full list of all the skills shown in the game.

You level up your skills in Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord by using them. Applying focus points speeds up the leveling process. Every time you level up you will gain a focus point.



Beginner's guide


Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord Skills





1 handed mount & blade 2 bannerlord wiki guide


Mastery of fighting with one-handed weapons either with a shield or without.

How to learn: Fight with a one-handed short weapon.

2 handed mount & blade 2 bannerlord wiki guide


Mastery of fighting with two-handed weapons of average length such as bigger axes and swords.

How to learn: Fights with a 2-handed short weapon.

polearm mount & blade 2 bannerlord wiki guide


Mastery of the spear, lance, staff, and other polearms, both one-handed and two-handed.

How to learn: fight with a spear or similar polearm, either one-handed or two-handed.




 bow mount & blade 2 bannerlord wiki guide


Familiarity with bows and physical conditioning to shoot with them effectively.

How to learn: shoot enemies with a bow and arrows. Perform difficult shots from a long distance.

crossbow mount & blade 2 bannerlord wiki guide


Knowledge of operating and maintaining crossbows.

How to learn: Shoot enemies with a crossbow.

throwing mount & blade 2 bannerlord wiki guide


Mastery of throwing projectiles accurately and with power.

How to learn: Strike enemies with thrown weapons.




riding mount & blade 2 bannerlord wiki guide


The ability to control a horse, to keep your balance when it moves suddenly or unexpectedly, as well as general knowledge of horses, including their care and breeding.

How to learn: Ride on the map with as much speed as possible. Fight on horseback gaining speed bonus.

athletic mount & blade 2 bannerlord wiki guide


Physical fitness, speed and balance.

How to learn: Fight on foot. Move on map on foot.

smithing mount & blade 2 bannerlord wiki guide


The knowledge of how to forge metal, match handle to blade, turn poles, sew scales, and other skills useful in the assembly of weapons and armor.

How to learn: Use smithy to create weapons, refine materials and smelt old weapons.




scouting mount & blade 2 bannerlord wiki guide


Knowledge of how to scan the wilderness for life. You can follow tracks, spot movement in the undergrowth, and spot an enemy across the valley from a flash of light on spearpoints or a dustcloud.

How to learn: Spot tracks and hideouts. Travel through difficult terrain.(Scout)

tactics mount & blade 2 bannerlord wiki guide


Your judgment of how troops will perform in contact. This allows you to make a good prediction of when an unorthodox tactic will work, and when it won't.

How to learn: Command simulated battles. Win battles at difficult odds. Escape from encounters by sacrificing troops if necessary.

roguery mount & blade 2 bannerlord wiki guide


Experience with the darker side of human life. You can tell when a guard wants a bribe, you know how to intimidate someone, and have a good sense of what you can and can't get away with.

How to learn: Raid caravans. Recruit and lead bandit troops. Infiltrate enemy towns. Give bribes. Escape from captivity.




charm mount & blade 2 bannerlord wiki guide


The ability to make a person like and trust you. You can make a good guess at people's motivations and the kinds of arguments to which they'll respond.

How to learn: Improve relations with people. Socialize with nobles. Do Barters.

leadership mount & blade 2 bannerlord wiki guide


The ability to inspire. You can fill individuals with confidence and stir up enthusiasm and courage in larger groups.

How to learn: Maintain high morale in your party. Assemble and lead armies.

trade mount & blade 2 bannerlord wiki guide


Familiarity with the most common goods in the marketplace and their prices, as well as the ability to spot defective goods or tell if you've been shortchanged in quantity.

How to learn: Make profit from trading. Operate caravans.




steward mount & blade 2 bannerlord wiki guide


Your knowledge of what makes a settlement prosper. This helps you to manage an estate or administer a town.

How to learn: Gain party morale from food variety (Quartermaster). Improve settlement prosperity and build projects (Governor). Spend time in your settlements (Clan Leader). 

medicine mount & blade 2 bannerlord wiki guide


Knowledge of how to staunch bleeding, to set broken bones, to remove embedded weapons and clean wounds to prevent infection, and to apply poultices to relieve pain and soothe inflammation.

How to learn: Help wounded soldiers heal in settlements.

engineering mount & blade 2 bannerlord wiki guide


Knowledge of how to make things that can withstand powerful forces without collapsing. Useful for building both structures and the devices that knock them down.

How to learn: Build and operate siege engines. Successfully use engines in sieges offensively or defensively.



Perks for Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord is categorized as skill modifiers that are unlocked to further upgrade, increase the potency, or change the effect of a certain skill. There are multiple perks that can be unlocked for the skills in the game and this page covers a full list of the perks that are shown in the game.


Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord Perks

One-Handed Perks











Two-Handed Perks


Polearm Perks




















Bow Perks


Crossbow Perks


Throwing Perks


Riding Perks










Athletics Perks




















Smithing Perks












Scouting Perks




















Tactics Perks
























Roguery Perks




















Charm Perks












Leadership Perks












Trade Perks


Steward Perks













Medicine Perks











Engineering Perks



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