Lords or nobles in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord rule different settlements and wage wars against each other. In order to join a faction, you must to swear loyalty to the ruler of said faction. When creating your own faction, you can attempt to convince Lords and their Clans to join your kingdom. In order to create a family and have children, you will need to marry a noble of the opposite sex.

This page shows the noble lords and clans at the game start.


Lords information in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Vlandia Nobles

dey Arromanc Clan

dey Cortain Clan

dey Folcun Clan

  • Ecarand (Leader)
  • Adalindis
  • Mauriana



dey Fortes Clan

  • Belgir (Leader)
  • Eleudris
  • Antruda


dey Gunric Clan

  • Ospir (Leader)
  • Bertiliana


dey Jelind Clan



dey Meroc Clan

dey Molarn Clan



dey Tihr Clan


dey Valant Clan


Sturgia Nobles

Gundaroving Clan

Isyaroving Clan

Kuloving Clan

Omidorving Clan

  • Yorig (Leader)
  • Isvan
  • Svedorn
  • Izdenka
  • Valkava
  • Zaverana

Togaroving Clan

Ubroving Clan


Vagiroving Clan

Vezhoving Clan


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