Factions for Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord features different groups of individuals with aligned interests. Players can choose which Faction they want to join at the beginning of the game during Character Creation and as the game progresses, you can work on your Reputation against other factions which can impact various aspects of the game such as building an allegiance or recruiting other units from another faction. This page covers a list of all the factions that are presented in the game.


Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord Factions 

emblem [remade+upscaled]

Northern Empire

The Northern Empire is a faction that specializes in forming heavy cavalry, warriors who are proficient in wielding spears and combined arms assaults.


southern emblem [upscaled]

Southern Empire

The Southern Empire is a faction who specializes in wielding heavy weaponry and armor. They share their border with Aserai, Vlandia, and Khuzait Khanate.


western emblem [upscaled]

Western Empire

The Western empire is a faction that specializes in armored cataphracts and skilled archers. They share their borders with Battania and Vlandia.


emblem v [upscaled]

Kingdom of Vlandia

The Vlandia faction is a group of skilled warriors and mercenaries who have a strong cavalry and are proficient in using crossbows for battle.


emblem [upscaled]

High Kingdom of Battania

The Battania is a faction that uses their skill and specialization in forest warfare and the proficiency of archery. They excel in exploiting their native woodlands in the northwest of Calradia to ambush their foes.


sturgia 3 [upscaled]

Principality of Sturgia

The Sturgia faction are traders and adventurers located at the far north of Calradia. They are known for their violent behavior and for having a mindset of a warmonger.


khuzait 2 [upscaled]

Khuzait Khanate

The Khuzait warriors are efficient with handling a bow, especially when they've mounted a horse. These horse archers are the Khanate's most powerful weapon against their enemies.


aserai 2 {upscaled]

Aserai Sultanate

The Aserai is a group that consists of desert warriors who farm on oases, springs, and shores of the Great Southern Lake. They are fast, cunning, and they specialize in wielding spears with a medium cavalry.





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