New Player Help for Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord features various information that will help a player understand the basics of the game's mechanics as well as recommended things to do before starting the game. The aim is to help both new and veteran players further understand the game and to know what it has to offer.

Helpful Links:

  • Walkthrough: A detailed guide of the game's main story.
  • Skills: Explore all the individual active skills for the different characters.
  • Controls: Covers the details of the basic layout of the controller for all platforms.
  • Combat: Provides information on the basic and advanced combat system of Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord.
  • Equipment: Lists all available gear players can find throughout the world.


Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord New Player Help

How do I block the enemy's attacks?

Enemies in M&B II Bannerlord can attack from four different directions. You will have to predict their moves to make the right block. Or, you can try circle around your opponent and aim for the head. Keep moving so you become harder to hit.


How do I dismount?

Look towards your mount, and press F.


How do I make money?

At the start of the game, your best bet is to fight looters and bandits. You can loot their belongings and ransom the prisoners to get you started. Due to the lack of cavalry and archer units, you can safely farm them with horse-archery. (except for the steppe bandits, don't let them catch you unless you already have a small army.)

Certain quests can also help you a lot. There is one low tier quest requiring you to find the missing daughter for a local landlord. If you take her back by force, she will temporarily join your clan, meaning you can take her much superior equipment and replace your starting gear.

 If you don't mind being a cruel raider, you can take hostile actions against villages and caravans. Villages usually have 20-30 unit militias, but they also lack cavalry and good armor. With even a small group of mid tiered units, you should be easy to defeat them. Caravan guards are a little bit more difficult to deal with, so you may need a larger force to raid them.

If you prefer a peaceful approach, you can buy workshops in major settlements. The profit of the workshops depends on the product of each settlement. You can check our Trade Goods map to see each settlement's product.


How do I join a Faction?

Joining a faction is based on renown. Get enough and you'll be allowed to talk to the nobles, get some more and they'll let you join. You can get renown by killing bandits and winning tournaments.


How can I have Children?

To have children you have to get married first. You need to speak to a single noble of the opposite sex (require renown), and if you succeed, you can bring presents to his/her parents for approval. (you may want to save before asking someone to marry you, as if you fail to pass the persuasion check, you won't get a second chance.)

Keep your spouse in your party for some time, and you will get a popup about a pregnancy.


How do I Create a Kingdom?

To create your own Kingdom, the first thing you need to do is progress through the main quest line until you repaired the Dragon Banner. 

Then you need to meet following requirements:

  1. Be independent, you cannot a be vassal to another Kingdom
  2. Have at least one fief
  3. Have a Clank Rank of at least 3
  4. Have an army of at least 100 men


How do I take a settlement when I am independent?

In order to take a major settlement, you need to be in hostile with the faction that owns it. Raid that faction's village or caravans so you can lay siege to their major settlements.




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