Town Projects in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord is covered on this page. 

When you take ownership of a settlement, you can invest some gold into developing it further. You are also able to build new structures, upgrade existing ones, and even set a “Daily Default” option, which is essentially an idle action that your citizens will perform if they have nothing else to do.


Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Town Projects




Better fortifications and higher walls around town, also increases the max garrison limit since it provides more space for the resident troops.

+25 bonus to garrison capacity

Production Cost: 6500


Garrison Barracks

Lodging for the garrisoned troops. Each level increases the garrison capacity of the stronghold.

+50 bonus to garrison capacity


Training Fields

A field for military drills that increase the daily experience gain of all garrisoned units.

+2 xp bonus to garrison troops.



An open square in the settlement where people can meet, spend time, and share their ideas. Increases influence of the settlement owner.

+1 bonus to owner's influence




A building which provides the means required for the manufacture or repair of buildings. Improves project development speed. Also stonemasons reinforce the walls.

+1 bonus to hammers


Militia Barracks

Provides battle training for citizens and recruit them into militia. Increases daily militia recruitment.

+1 bonus to militia

Production Cost: 715



A permanent space that hosts fairs. Citizens can gather, drink dance and socialize, increasing the daily morale of the settlement.

+1 bonus to settlement morale

Production Cost: 780



Scheduled market days lure folks from surrounding villages to the settlement. Goods are sold for lumpful coins and of course the local ruler takes a handsome cut. Increases wealth and tax yield of the settlement.

+10 bonus to taxes

Production Cost: 520




Access to clean water provides room for growth with healthy citizens and clean infrastructure. Increases daily Prosperity change.

+1 bonus to prosperity change

Production Cost: 1040


Siege Workshop

A workshop dedicated to sieges. Contains tools and materials to repair walls, build and repair siege engines.

+50 bonus to wall repair speed

Production Cost: 260


Lime Kilns

Limekilns are kilns to burn lime to produce the form of lime called quicklime which is used to enrich the soil. Increases farm production output.

+5 bonus to village production

Production Cost: 520




Daily Defaults


Build House

Construct housing so that more folks can settle, increasing population.

+1 bonus to prosperity change


Train Militia

Schedule drills for commoners, increasing militia recruitment.

+1 bonus to militia


Festival and Games

Organize festivals and games in the settlement, increasing morale.

+1 bonus to settlement morale



Provide irrigation, increasing production in connected villages.

+1 bonus to food production





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