Familiarity with the most common goods in the marketplace and their prices, as well as the ability to spot defective goods or tell if you've been shortchanged in quantity.
Attribute Social

Trade is one of the Skills in Mount & Blade II Bannerlord. Skills determine how good your character is in a specific field. The attributes and focus points decide how fast you can learn a skill. And once you reached certain levels of a skill, you can choose to unlock a perk, which gives you a permanent bonus. 


Trade Infomation

  • Learn by: Make profit from trading. Operate caravans.
  • Base attributes: Social
  • The personal backgrounds that affect this skill: 
    • Urban merchants
    • Urban traders
    • Merchants
    • your aptitude for numbers
    • sold produce at the market
    • in the markets and caravanserais (require Urban family background)
    • You invested some money in land
    • You invested some money in a workshop (require Urban family)


Trade Perks




  • ???
  • ???


Athletics  ♦  Bow  ♦  Crossbow  ♦  Engineering  ♦  Leadership  ♦  Medicine  ♦  One-Handed  ♦  Polearm  ♦  Riding  ♦  Roguery  ♦  Scouting  ♦  Smithing  ♦  Steward  ♦  Tactics  ♦  Throwing  ♦  Two-Handed


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