Your knowledge of what makes a settlement prosper. This helps you to manage an estate or administer a town.
Attribute Intelligence

Steward is one of the Skills in Mount & Blade II Bannerlord. Skills determine how good your character is in a specific field. The attributes and focus points decide how fast you can learn a skill. And once you reached certain levels of a skill, you can choose to unlock a perk, which gives you a permanent bonus. 


Steward Infomation

  • Learn by: Gain party morale from food variety (Quartermaster). Improve settlement prosperity and build projects (Governor). Spend time in your settlements (Clan Leader). 
  • Base attributes: Intelligence
  • The personal backgrounds that affect this skill: 
    • Caring for horses/working at stables (require Urban family background)
    • served as a baron's groom
    • You treated people well


Steward Perks














  • ???
  • ???


Athletics  ♦  Bow  ♦  Crossbow  ♦  Engineering  ♦  Leadership  ♦  Medicine  ♦  One-Handed  ♦  Polearm  ♦  Riding  ♦  Roguery  ♦  Scouting  ♦  Smithing  ♦  Tactics  ♦  Throwing  ♦  Trade  ♦  Two-Handed


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    • Game version 1.5.3. Tried to upgrade to 1.5.4, but after saving in the new version, the game doesn't load. I have developed this skill, but when I'm inside the castle, the "Daily production" does not increase. What am I doing wrong?

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