Neretze's Folly

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Neretze's Folly is a Quest in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. Short description goes here. In Bannerlord, all side quests are randomized, meaning you could get a quest form different landlord/nobles, for multiple times.




Neretze's Folly Objectives

  1. You will have to travel the continent of Calradia in search of 10 nobles who possess knowledge of a great battle that took place many years ago.



Neretze's Folly Walkthrough


This quest will ask you to talk to 10 Nobles who have the knowledge of the Neretze's Folly around the map. However, there are actually more than 10 nobles you can interact with.

If you already joined a faction, it will be more difficult for you to interact with rulers of a hostile faction.

The nobles who knows Neretze's Folly are:

You can press N to open the in-game Encyclopedia to search for a certain noble and check where this noble is last seen.



Tips & Tricks

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