Classes in Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord are roles that determine the starting equipment and stats for the player's character. Choosing a class is showcased during Character Creation where players can choose different classes from various Factions, each class has its own starting gear and statistical value that is tailored to a player's playstyle. This page covers a full list of all the Classes shown in the game.


Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord Classes

Empire Classes


Menavlion Infantry

Menavlion Infantry are trained and entrusted with a "Menavlion", a deadly polearm with a sharp, long, double-edged blade for a head and a thick sturdy shaft that is useful for both stabbing and chopping. Usually, they stand right behind Legionaries and support them and step forward when cavalry comes near or enemy formation breaks.


These professional soldiers are paid by the state and they are excellent close-quarters fighters. Imperial commanders used to call them Skutatoi because of the great shields they wield. But the name didn't stick to the proud soldiers who liked to be called Legionaries instead, in honour of the Legions of old.





Empire armies are mostly comprised of citizens that are willing to fight to defend their homes and their state to death. These raw recruits are usually volunteers. Imperials commanders don't expect much from them. Keep out of melee, flank the enemy and pelt them with javelins.

Archer Militia

The citizen militia are usually depicted as weak and reluctant to fight. This can't be far from the truth. The Empire is surrounded by enemies and citizens willingly join the militia to learn to defend their homes. As a result, the soldiers are, very disciplined and highly trained in the art of the bow. They could serve as archers or arbalists depending on their commanders' needs, and this versatility makes them special

Palatine Guard

Chosen from the best of the best, these honorable palace guards are held in high esteem and they set an example for others to follow, both in the terms of fighting prowess and with their sense of duty. They are both deadly with bows and arrows and close-quarters melee.




Literally called the Raiders, these cavalry excel at hit and run tactics. Being excellent raiders they are usually served as army scouts. On the battlefield, they are positioned on the flanks and are expected to screen friendlies or outflank enemies. Other times, they are ordered to hunt down routers and chase the light enemy cavalry, who are too fast for the Cataphracts.


Gone is the dominance of the legionary, these days when one thinks of imperial military power, they are thinking of the famed Cataphracts. Armed and armored to the teeth, these professional riders have nothing else to do but train with lances, composite recurve bows, swords, and axes.




Vlandia Classes


Peasant Levy

These poor serfs are recruited fresh from the farm, usually at sword point by their Vlandian lords and pushed into the frontline without any proper equipment or training. But still, a crafty peasant will find ways to survive by looting enemies (and comrades) and by staying with their better trained and equipped allies.


Among the serfs' biggest, meanest and the quickest are selected and trained to become the feared Voulgiers. These polearm wielding soldiers serve Vlandian armies as shock troopers and lay waste to enemy infantry.


Vlandian Sergeants are famous throughout the Caldaria for their tenacity and ferocity. Killing is their profession and they are simply good at what they do. They are the anvil part of the "Hammer and Anvil" tactics of the Vladian Knights.




Vlandian warlords discovered that while levying peasants is a necessary evil, they can get the most out of it by giving them crossbows and teaching them how to point and shoot properly with it. Using this machine, which in essence is a handheld version of the feared Calradic ballistae, Vlandian arbelists can punch a hole through even the heaviest of the armor of the day.


The picturesque pastoral heaven that is southern Vlandia has a tradition of training the best arbelists in all of Calradia. They are highly sought after as mercenaries or trainers for other arbalists throughout all of Vlandia. These folk know their business very well and they are ready for everything. Be it an incoming knight on the charge or a longbowman shooting from behind battlements.





Vanguards are usually sons and daughters of wealthy burghers, minor nobility or anyone who can afford a horse. They make up the mainstream light cavalry of the Vlandians. They serve as vanguards, scouts, outflankers or they are used when knights don't want to bother chasing down routed troops or other faster-moving light or ranged cavalry.


Vlandian Knights who train for war for almost every day of their lives, truly are a force to be reckoned with. When they appear on the battlefield, they strike fear into their enemies. When they start their charge, even the ground trembles under their heavy thundering hooves.




Battania Classes


Clan Warrior

Also known as the "Kern", the main fighting forces of the Battanian clans are backed up by a general levy of men fit to bear arms. A screaming rush of these troops, wielding long knives, clubs, and spears, can be a terrifying sight.


The Battanian heroes of old were known for their ferocity and their disdain for their own safety, and those warriors who hew most closely to this ideal take up the massive falx, a devastating curved blade that is usually used two-handed. They fight in the center of the line, trying to chop their way to the enemy's standard.


The best warriors among the Battanians pledge themselves to accompany the tribal leader into the battle whenever he leads. They make up the center of the line, and stiffen the spine of the kern.




The best hunters of the Battanians join their tribal levy as archers. They usually skirmish ahead of the main force, running away from more heavily armored enemy troops.


The Battanian clans have a lively tradition of their least sociable members going off to the woods to live like animals. Many of those still return to fight alongside their people when they go to war, but not having trained with the kern they often take up the javelin and fight as skirmishers.


Landess younger sons of the Battanian nobles frequently join fighting companies, known as Fianna, seeking out adventure wherever they can find it. Many live in the woods and hunt with the famed Battanian longbow, but they can also don armor and fight in tight ranks if necessary.



Mounted Warrior

While most Battanian nobles will fight with their oathsworn in the midst of the battle line on foot, but a few including younger and lighter aristocrats, will fight from horseback. They are light rather than heavy cavalry, best used as outriders and flankers.





Sturgia Classes



Every village and town in the Strugian lands supplies a force of Voi, or milita, to the boyars and princes. They support the druzhina in battle, and if they distinguish themselves, can hope for promotion into its ranks.


The Wolf-coats are elite northlander mercenaries that wield great two-handed axes and other fearsome weapons, with simple wolf skins to cover them. These agile warriors are famous for fighting in reckless abandon to serve as shock troops to break the enemy line.


Huskarls are handpicked from the best mercenaries and adventurers from the north, and are household troops of Sturgian princes. They serve as bodyguards and are considered to be one of the best heavy infantry in the whole of Caldaria.




The Sturgian frontiers have often attracted fugitives and escaped slaves who prefer to live free beyond the reach of any boyars' authority. These desperate men and women, who traditionally fight with javelin and axe, will still frequently enlist in the boyars' armies for a few silver coins and the promise of loot.


Every Sturgian community has hunters and troopers who bring back the luxurious furs of the north to be traded for goods from warmer lands. In wartime, they will often enlist as archers, trackers, and scouts.





A handful of the wealthier inhabitants on the Sturgian frontiers own their own horses, and many have learned the riding skills of the nearby horse tribes. They are much valued by boyars as scouts and screeners for the main force.


Sturgian boyars are always on the lookout for skilled warriors to bring into their druzhina, or personal retinue. Kept loyal with gifts of gold, equipped with the best weapons and horses, they form the shock force of any northern army.




Khuzait Classes



Many towns and villages who are not formally part of the Khuzait tribal confederation are required to provide troops for the Khan's armies. Called Rabble by others, these generally poorly armed and trained people can hope to hold their own until the Khanate's elite cavalry comes to their relief.

Spear Infantry

The fiercest non-Khuzait tribes who are subject to the Khan are usually hill peoples. Their fierce spear-charges, often presaged by a hail of javelins, can sweep away a foe that has been disrupted by supporting horse archers.




Steppe Bow

Some Khuzait tribesmen are too poor to afford a horse and fight from foot with bows. Normally, they rely on fleetness of foot to keep them out of melee, but still keep an axe or sabre to fight back if cornered.

Khan's Guard

A few of the strongest and most loyal youth in each tribe are recruited to join the Kheshig, the private guard forces of the khan and his noyans. These fearless fighters are trained extensively to become deadly in both archery and melee.





Though most of the Khuzaits have settled in towns and villages since the conquest, a few still live out on the steppe, subject to no authority. They will still fight for the khan, for pay, and are among the confederacy's hardiest riders, though their equipment tends to be cheaper and their armor lighter than the main tribal force.


Not all Khuzait employ evasive hit and run tactics. Some of the best riders, heavily armored and equipped with a lance and mace, specialize in dealing the killing blow to an enemy force after supporting horse archers have worn it down.



Horse Archer

Mounted Archer

The mounted archers are the main striking force of the Khuzait horde. Every tribe in the confederacy is expected to muster its best men when the khan marches to war. They fight with speed, patience and cunning, stinging the enemy force with their arrows until it is sufficiently softened up to move in for the kill.





Aserai Classes


Tribal Warrior

Life is harsh in the Nahasa, so a child of the tribe is expected to learn how to fight well. These tribal warriors are cheap but effective troops that can perform different roles with proper equipment selection and hold their own against many of the better-armed enemy soldiers.


Aserai guards are selected from the tallest and strongest members of the tribe. Their impressive physiques are useful for both wielding their huge two-handed axes and the lay fear into the hearts of their enemies. Guards are agile shock troopers that are very good against shield-wielding infantry but weak against enemy archers.





In the Aserai tribes, throwing javelins is a sport every child enjoys. Best of these children grow to become the agile Skirmishers. Aside from the large shields, they are very lightly armored. So they can move around quickly on the battlefield to flank their enemies and deal tremendous damage from their backs.


With their considerably lighter armor, the Aserai came to rely on their ranged troops a lot. And these skilled archers are the backbone of their armies. They are also good at what they do, that is the Aserai archers who set the standard for the other cultures' archers to follow.


Aserai Veterans are, as the name suggests, veterans of many battles. They have picked up many skills and also acquired good mail armor and a variety of equipment in all those years, to become both deadly archers and also dangerous melee combatants that they are now.




Some tribes live even deeper in the deserts where there is no hope for survival without their loyal mounts because of the vast distances. These people of the tribes are natural riders who are literally born on the saddle. Beduin are the fastest riders in Calradia and they are very good at hit and run tactics.


The very term Mamluke means "property". The Aserai nobility want professional soldiers who have no familial ties and nothing else to do but hone their fighting skills, be it riding, lance, bow or the sword. Mamluke is the ultimate ironclad soldier of the Aserai. Depending on the need, they will be steamrollers, horse archers or flankers, easily.


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